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Mantellassi Real Estate Alassio was founded in 2009, after the examinations and iscription to the Role of broker and purchasing agent of Mantellassi Giordano. The Family Mantellassi always dedicated to Alassio's tourism, since three generations. Still today the residences of the family Mantellassi are always considered some of the best regarding the welcoming and comfort for the tourists. With the creation of Mantellassi Real estate we tried to create a small revolution to the world of real estate agencies. Not anymore a simple broker between buyer and seller or lessor and renter but a center of services to offer to the clients: a card with discounts for the best restaurants, boutiques, shops, spa centers, parkings, beaches; bicycles for free daily use, baby club for children, gym, sauna and turkich bath for winter months.

Regarding the promotion and advertasing we try to be always one step forward the others, with costant upgrades to our online and paper advertising . We guarantee for who want to sell or rent his property , our professionality and quality of the work. Our aim is to become a leading agency for luxury real estate in Liguria, Tuscany ad the Lakes. Come to visit us.